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Once you configure the module with your YouTube account details, users can upload a video directly to YouTube with the click of a button, adding any relevant meta data as required.

Once the video has been uploaded, you will be able to monitor the video for the number of comments views and other data in the Content Editor.

The module also contains a sub layout that would allow authors to add these YouTube videos on to the web page, using a fully configurable player.


  • Documentation > Installation
    Download the package using the above Download link and install it using the installation wizard in the Sitecore Desktop
  • Documentation > Configuration

    Before using the YouTube Uploader, you will need to complete the following Task

    Create Developer API Key

    You can request a YouTube developer API key from the following link

   Once you have created your Key please take note of it, as you will need it for the next step.

    Set YouTube Account Details

    You will need to complete your YouTube account details in the  the Content Editor using the 'YouTube Settings' item located at /sitecore/system/modules/YouTube Uploader/YouTube Settings/

    youtube settings

    You will need to complete the Developer Key, Username and Password fields, note: Client ID is not yet required.

    Change Template of Video Items

    You need to change the template that the videos you want to upload, as standard Sitecore uses a template of File for videos. To change the template, click on the video you want to upload, select the configure Ribion, and click on the 'Change'  button in the Template chunk.


    then select '/sitecore/templates/User Defined/Modules/YouTube Upload/YouTube Video' as the template.

  • Documentation > Usage

    Upload video to YouTube

    To upload a video in the media library to YouTube, select the video in the Media Library, on the 'Publish' ribbon, click on the 'Upload Video' button in the 'YouTube' chunk.

    youtube ribbon

    This will load a new 'YouTube Upload'Tab in the content editor.

    The form displayed (shown below) needs to be completed before you can upload the video to YouTube, it will automatically populate the form from data contained in the video item if available. 

    upload screen

    Once the form has been completed, you can click the 'Proceed' button to start the upload.

    The video file will then be uploaded to YouTube, as this action may take some time, the upload is performed as a background job, so you are able to continue to use the Content Editor as the process continues.

    When the upload has completed, you will be presented the below screen, this screen shows a preview of the video, also displayed will be some basic usage statistics such as views, and comments that are retrieved from YouTube.

    YouTube Stats

    Insert Video in to Page

    Included in the install package is a sublayout that will allow users to insert a configurable YouTube video (that has been uploaded).

    When adding the sublayout you will firstly need to select the associated content, so just select the video from the media library that has been previously uploaded to YouTube.  You will then be presented with the below properties dialogue that will allow you to configure the look and behaviour of the YouTube player.


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