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The WFFM Conversion Tool is a console application that provides an automated solution to convert and migrate Sitecore Web Forms For Marketers (WFFM) forms items and their data to Sitecore Forms.

This tool aims to drastically reduce the time to convert and migrate WFFM forms items to Sitecore Forms items while keeping and migrating all saved forms data. The tool supports the migration of data from both a SQL WFFM database source and from a MongoDB analytics database source.


The WFFM Conversion Tool has been designed to support the migration of sitecore items from any previous version of Sitecore to Sitecore 9.1+. The tool uses mapping configuration files in JSON format, called Metadata Template files, to control the conversion process of source entities (items, fields, …). Because the tool directly interacts with the Sitecore databases, it doesn’t require the source and destination Sitecore instances to run in IIS while the conversion process occurs.


The tool processes all items and their fields for each WFFM form in the source Sitecore instance and converts and migrates them following the conversion mapping rules defined in the Metadata Template files. Not all fields can be converted and migrated, like for example the form verification actions, defined in the Check Actions form field.


Fields that are not mapped will not be converted and migrated. The tool helps to understand the eventual gaps in the conversion process, generating a conversion analysis report that lists the items and the fields that cannot be converted. This report can be used to determine what needs to be manually tweaked after the conversion process is concluded.


Introductory Blog Post:

Other Blog Posts about the WFFM Conversion Tool:


Release notes
Version 1.3.0

This release of the tool is compatible only with destination instances of Sitecore version 9.3 or later.
Use release 1.2.0 of this tool if you are migrating to a Sitecore instance of version prior to 9.3.

New Features:

- #13 - Add conversion support for File Upload OOTB field type
- #16 - Update ExperienceForms database schema (for SC 9.3+)

Version 1.2.0

New Features:

- #9 - Add Form Name and Form ID new columns in analysis conversion report
- #10 - Ability to exclude forms from being processed
- #12 - Ability to migrate and convert only forms data

Bug Fixes:

- #7 - Save Data Submit Action created twice
- #8 - Custom form fields without new target item fields fail tool execution

Version 1.1.1

Bug Fixes:
- #6 - Error if form has more than one save action of the same type

Version 1.1.0

New Features:

- #1 - Ability to convert a defined list of forms items
- #2 - Add new columns in analysis conversion report for field value and field value's XML element value
- #4 - WFFM Conversion Tool Extensions
- A group of plugins that add support for the conversion of WFFM forms
items that don't exist in the Sitecore Forms out-of-the-box solution,
but that are extended using popular Sitecore modules available on the
Sitecore Marketplace. Modules supported in this release:

    - Sitecore Forms Extensions (v2.1+)
    - Sitecore Forms Send Email Submit Action (v1.1.0)

Bug Fixes:

- #3 - Multiple Line Text fields data is not migrated correctly

Version 1.0.0
- Initial release of the WFFM Conversion Tool.
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