Unbound Droplist

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6/9/2013 11:55:28 PM
4/17/2015 1:38:54 PM
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The Unbound Droplist field brings the idea of an Enum from C# into Sitecore.
This field allows you to present your content author with lists of fixed options without having to create repositories in the tree.
Simple Installation

Download and install the package from Github or the Marketplace.   Use the package in the ./release/ folder.  It will do all the work for you.
It contains:
- Unbound Droplist field item, added to Core database.
- Config file to register the new field
- Fishtank.SharedSource.CustomFields.dll for Sitecore's bin folder.

- In template, set "Unbound Droplist" as your field
- Set its "Source" value as "First Value|Second Value|Third Value"
- In code, use as an original Droplist by casting as a ValueLookupField..


Release notes
Version 1
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Code examples
  • Code examples > Usage
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    // read value directly
    var value = CurrentItem["Text Alignment"];
     // cast Unbound Droplist into a field
    var unboundDroplistField = (ValueLookupField)CurrentItem.Fields["Text Alignment"];
    var unboundDroplistValue = unboundDroplistField.Value;
    ght to you by GitHub.

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