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This is tool you have always wanted but you will never confess that you use it! :-)
With this tool you just need to drop 3 files in your site (even in production because it doesn't restart your iis) to be able to write and execute all the C# code you want in the context of your site. Very useful for debugging of course.

Who never had an incomprehensible error in a sitecore website in production and want o be able to execute a line of code IN THE CONTEXT OF YOUR SITE. 



Source code and additional info on github: https://github.com/VGBenjamin/UniversalDebugger 



  • Documentation > How to install?
    How to install?

    How to install?

    • Download the 3 files UniversalDebugger.aspx, UniversalDebugger.aspx.cs and UniversalDebugger.aspx.designer.cs in the root of your site
    • [Optional] Edit the file UniversalDebugger.aspx.cs to change the securityGuid to your own for a minimum of security
    • Copy those files to the root of your site
    • Open the page http[s]://YOUR_HOST/universaldebugger.aspx?security=YOUR_SECURITY_GUID 

    When you didn't need it anymore do not forget to delete the 3 files from your site's folder.

    How to use it?

    • "System dll to load": Here are the dll references to add from the GAC
    • "Project dlls to load": These are the dll references contained in your bin folder (by default this is completed with all the dlls from the bin folder)
    • "Code": this is the code to execute you can write all the messages you want into the "Output" zone by doing some yield return
    • "Output": the result of your code execution
    • "Run now": the button to execute your program.

    What is possible with the tool?

    All the craps you want! C# 7 is not supported only c# until version 6 is supported


    I am not responsible of what you goanna do with this tool.

Release notes
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