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This module allows you to classify the content on your site by applying tags to your items which later can be used to search through. 


  • Documentation > Getting Started with Taxonomy
    Getting Started with Taxonomy

    Taxonomy project

      The project is in early development stage, so some elements might not work as expected.

      To install the module you just need to install "Taxonomy" with the standard Installation Wizard.

    Taxonomy template

      Taxonomy template contains Tags field which is used to store taxonomy data for the item.

      To let a content item have taxonomy data associated, you need to add Taxonomy template to a set of base templates for the item template.

      You can find Taxonomy template here: /sitecore/templates/System/Taxonomies/Taxonomy
      Tags field

      The Tags field represents control in the Content Editor and stores the taxonomy categories assigned to the item.

      You can add categories either by start typing the category name and choose from the list(already added categories aren’t shown in the list)

    tagging in page editor

    or click Select Tags button and select the needed tag. You can also create new tag in the Category Browser if security permissions allow.

    creating tags

    When you type “;” symbol, the field tries to recognize the tag name. If it fails the tag is marked as not found. You should use Check Tags button in this case and select or create the tag:

    adding weight

    You can select the weight of the tag by double clicking on it.

    creating weight

    The Related Categories button shows which taxonomy data (explicitly set or related) is assigned to the item:

    tag stat

    Page Editor mode

      The Tags field supports editing in Page Editor mode.

      The simplest way to let users edit tags/categories in Page Editor mode is to enrich item layout with the FieldRenderer control for the field.

      The editing can be done the same way as in Content Editor, either by start typing and selecting one of categories in the list or by clicking the Select Tags button and choosing the category in Category Browser. The unrecognized tags and Check Tags button also available in the Page Editor mode.

    tags in page editor auto suggestion

    Conflicting tags

      For each of the categories you can set a number of the categories which can’t be assigned to the same peace of content (content item).

      You can set conflicting categories in the ConflictTags field of the category item. Please note that the conflicting tags gets synced between categories e.g. if you set test1 category to conflict with test2 category, this means that test2 conflicts with test1.

      When you select the categories, you will see the conflicting ones with the orange background and if you try to add it you will get the warning message.

    tag access

     You will see the same message if you try to add conflicting category with the Category Browser.

    Displaying documents related to the tags/categories

      There are two controls installed which can be used to show the documents/content items depending on the selected categories/tags.

      The controls are CategoryList and DocumentList. You can find them under the sublayouts:

    tag layouts

    These controls work in pair, the CategoryList shows the list of categories and allows user to toggle specific tags. The DocumentList shows documents/content items corresponding to the set of selected tags.

    tag layout

    You can use the code from those controls (CategoryList.ascx and DocumentList.ascx) to build your own control/page.

Release notes
The module was added 30-08-2011
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