Sitecore Task Initiator

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This module has an admin page and a Sitecore Role. Admin page will list down all the tasks in the content tree with a button to initiate the task. Sitecore role is for the Sitecore administrator who can add a user to this role by which user can initiate the Task.

Please check the short documentation in the Documentation Tab. 


  • Documentation > Sitecore Task Initiator
    Version 1.0 - Current
    Use Sitecore Installation Wizard to install the package which contains an admin page and a Sitecore role.

    How to access the page:
    Authorized user can access the page using the below url.

    How to authorize a non-admin user:
    All administrator can access the page without any role. For a non-admin user, an administrator can add them to the role - Sitecore Task Initiator. This role will allow the non-admin user to access the page and initiate the task.
    Note: This role will give access to only this admin page.

    An email will be sent to the list of configured administrators with the task details and initiation time. Administrator can configure the email details in the jobs.aspx page.
    MAIL_FROM = "[email protected]";
    MAIL_TO = "";
    MAIL_CC = "";

  • Documentation > Version 2.0
    Version 2.0
    - Logs for the tasks can be obtained in admin page.
    - Logs will be sent to the initiator and the admin.

    Stay tuned...
Release notes
Version 1.0 released
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