Sitecore License Expiration Module 2.0

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Module:              The Sitecore License Expiration Module 2.0
Developed by:    Robbert Hock (Sitecore MVP 2010)
Company:           Kayee (

The Sitecore License Expiration Module 2.0 is a completely newly written module and has no reference to the License Expiration Notifier module.

The Sitecore License Expiration Module 2.0 checks the expiration date of the Sitecore license.

The Sitecore License Expiration Module 2.0 delivers the following functionality:

- Content Editor Warning message when the license is about to expire. The message with the expiration date can always be shown in the content editor or just from the date that a configurable number of days before expiration is expired.

- It sends a warning through email (or writes to the Sitecore log file when emailing fails), in case the expiration date comes in a certain number of days.


After package installation:

Because the mail functionality makes use of the MainUtil.SendMail functionality, which makes use of the MailServer settings in the web.config, you need to adjust the following settings:

1) Configure SMTP server settings in web.config
      <setting name="MailServer" value=server" />
      <setting name="MailServerUserName" value="" />
      <setting name="MailServerPassword" value="" />
      <setting name="MailServerPort" value="25" />

2) Adjust the Sitecore.License.Expiration.Module.config with the following setting(s):

You can set the interval and do provide the hostname of your Sitecore instance, since the agent runs under the scheduler website, you need to specifiy the hostname here.

 <agent type="Sitecore.License.Expiration.Module.SitecoreLicenseExpirationAgent,Sitecore.License.Expiration.Module" method="Run" interval="08:00:00">
        <param desc="url">http://YOURHOSTNAME</param>

3) Adjust the /sitecore/system/Modules/Sitecore License Expiration Module/Settings item in Sitecore

- You can make use of the following tokens: [url] and [date] in the following fields: WarningSubtitle, MailSubject, MailContent    


Items installed by the package:

 - Templates under: /sitecore/templates/Sitecore License Expiration Module
 - Module configuration under: /sitecore/system/Modules/Sitecore License Expiration Module

.NET 4.0


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version 1.0
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