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SitecoreInstaller supports easy and rapid installation of Sitecore and modules

Please report any issues etc. on the issue tracker on bitbucket.

Latest release is

Get console version here


  • Documentation > Getting Started with the Sitecore Installer
    Getting Started with the Sitecore Installer

    A quick video intro to the installer ​Youtube intro video

    More videos coming soon!

    Install guide

    Remember to configure your build library! (See instructions further below)

    Install steps

        1. Download latest release of installer
        2. Unzip to known location
        3. Locate local.config and modify according to local settings. Comments in config file should suffice to get you up and running
        4. Run executable and you should be good to go :-)

    Configuring build library

    The build library consists of three repositories each containing CMS versions, licenses and modules. Each repository can have multiple source locations meaning that CMS versions can be taken from your local computer as well as from a central location simultaneously.

    CMS versions

    CMS versions are basically just files - basic setup is the www zipped version of a Sitecore unzipped to the cms folder.

    An example of a Cms resource could point to c:\BuildLibrary\CMS

    A Sitecore version would then be located at c:\BuildLibrary\CMS\Sitecore 6.5.0 rev. 111230 where this directory would contain the unzipped files.

    'Sitecore 6.5.0 rev. 111230' would then show up in the tool as an available Sitecore version


    Licenses are placed in folders as well but must always be called license.xml

    An example of a License resource could point to c:\BuildLibrary\Licenses

    A license would then be located at c:\BuildLibrary\Licenses\Exp 2012-07-01\license.xml

    This license then shows up as 'Exp 2012-07-01' in the license selection box


    Modules are overall setup in the same way as CMS versions and licenses regarding folder structure and references from local.config.

    Modules, however, have certain logic implied which is important when configuring the module part of the build library.

    The most simple setup is where you have a Sitecore package. You create a folder with the package name and place the zip file in that folder. That's it.

    A deeper look at creating modules reveals that the content of modules can be separated into the following groups:

        * Config files
        * Database files
        * Sitecore packages
        * Everything else

    Since modules are nothing but files in a folder, there's no hinder that you cannot make a folder called CEP and place DMS, ECM and WFFM modules in that folder!

    Each group is handled individually by the installer.

    Config files are all files in the root of the module folder that have 'config' as extension. Config files are copied to [WebsiteFolder]/App_Config/Include This is where you could add personal configuration, like ECM configurations that you always use.

    Database files are all files in the root of the module folder that have 'mdf' or 'ldf' as extensions. Database files are copied to [ProjectFolder]/Databases

    Sitecore packages are all files in the root of the module folder that have 'zip' as extension. Packages are copied to [DataFolder]/Packages

    Everything else is copied as is relative to the [ProjectFolder]

    Be creative with the modules!

Release notes Fixed post install steps in certain packages such as ECM. Re-introduced console version again on request. Lot's of minor bug fixes Fixed reinstall (still only considers sitecore version and not modules)
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