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7/3/2013 5:06:26 AM
4/17/2015 1:39:03 PM


Csv, docx and zip files of docx files supported in this version. XML and JSON support coming soon.

Easily import content into Sitecore.


The package installs an application shortcut under "Development Tools/Data Importer" in the application menu.

For the import to work correctly the csv must contain a field named "Title". Also docx files need to have a title called "Title" this is used for the Item name. 

Please refer to sample files attached to see how csv and docx files need to be structured.

Any bugs or questions feel free to ask me on twitter. @Sobek1985


  • Documentation > Over view
    Over view
    Install the Sitecore package, the control installs into the application menu in the Developer Tools Folder.

    There is an example CSV attached to the project, each new row will be imported as a new item.

    1. Select files to upload (csv, docx or zip file)
    2. Select folder to upload too. E.g. Sitecore/Content/Home/News
    3. Select the template type of the items your uploading.
    4. Upload creates Sitecore Items for each item in the upload file.
  • Documentation > Docx Information
    Docx Information
    To be able to parse out a docx file into a Sitecore item the document needs a certain format.

    So that the importer know which section of the document goes into which field in a item you have to add document "Titles" (using the Title options in MS Word) with the same name of the field to the document. Please refer to the example docx file attached.


    My Title

    Here is my body Text

Release notes
 Sitecore Data Importer allows bulk importing of data to create Sitecore Items from csv, docx or zip. I will be adding support for XML and JSON soon.
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