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Sitecore Version Compatibility: 9.0 and Up

Major Features of SocialConnect:

  • Post or Tweet on your Facebook Page and/or Twitter Application.
  • Connect to your multiple Facebook Page Accounts and Twitter Account Applications
  • Manage and Submit Posts Single Page.
  • Your can view post status and remove post
  • Schedule your Post or Tweet for future
  • You can add campaigning for your facebook and/or Twitter post.

Future Enhancements:

  • Include more Social Media like LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Post Statistics
  • Goal Setups and Analytics

Please download latest version 2.0



  • Documentation > Installation
    Installation & Configuration in Sitecore

    1.      Go to your Sitecore Website Admin Panel

    2.      Login to Sitecore (admin panel)

    3.      Click on Desktop

    4.      Click on Sitecore Start Logo bottom left side of page

    5.      Click on Development Tool >> Open Installation Wizard

    6.      Click on Upload package.

    7.      Click on Choose file (Select folder where you have downloaded the package)

    8.      Select file

    9.      Click Next.

    10.  Go back Install a package popup

    11.  Click on Next button

    12.  Package will install automatically.

Release notes
Social Connected 1.0 by Addact.
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