Sitecore Rule Processor

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8/12/2015 3:24:06 AM
10/5/2015 4:47:43 PM
Provider: Rodrigo Peplau


Sitecore Rules are nativaly triggered only when certain events happens. With this module you'll be able to test rules (list the items that matches) and process them (executing the rule actions against matching items).

Example of usage:

  1. Create a new Rule

  2. Setup the conditions and some of the useful actions that comes with the module (more to come!)

  3. When a Rule item is selected you now have the Rule Processor button. When this button is clicked the Rule Processor window opens:

  4. Set the Root Item and click on Bring results to list the items that matches your Rule

  5. You can execute the Rule's Actions against all matching items, or only with those you selected:

In this example the action was to write on Sitecore Log, and the results are:

8556 17:17:30 INFO  Item processed - ID: {B9EDB000-4C7C-4770-AD29-BEC226213AFC} - Name: Resolve Create Date Based Path
8556 17:17:30 INFO  Item processed - ID: {F091DB35-8784-44D7-A7FA-0729984188DF} - Name: Resolve Item Name Based Path
8556 17:17:30 INFO  Item processed - ID: {25F351A1-712D-45F8-857D-8AD95BB2ACE9} - Name: Hide Rendering
8556 17:17:30 INFO  Item processed - ID: {525C7B5A-8FD2-4B99-89F6-4F3F6D23BB02} - Name: Set Parameters
8556 17:17:30 INFO  Item processed - ID: {7B578B65-BD2F-4C7C-9A24-DAE3E98B4F23} - Name: Set Rendering


Release notes
- Fixed the shortcut to Rule Processor icon under Development tab
- Added new actions:
-- Copy (Copy, Clone, Move)
-- Create new version at a language
-- Change template
-- Delete items
- Added new actions:
-- Serialize item
-- Empty field
-- Set field value as the ID of an item
-- Replace string in item name
-- Set field value as the value of another item's field
-- Publish items
- Added two new actions:
-- Replace string in field
-- Set field value (1st Release)
- Basic processor engine and GUI, one new Action (Advanced Add to Log).
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