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When a Sublayout or Rendering is selected, the module adds a "Downloader" button to the "Navigate" tab of Content Editor:

Downloader button for Renderings and Sublayouts

When the button is clicked, a popup window appears listing everything related to that Sublayout or Rendering (Files and Items):

Downloader window where items and files can be selected

Select everything you wish to include to your download by checking the proper items and files:

Select the items and files you wish to include in the download

The module will try to guess most of the things, but you can pick some specific files (Dlls, configs, js, css, etc) directly from the site's filesystem, that you wish to include to your download:

Select files from filesystem

After picking up the files, you can optionally persist their references to the Sublayout or Rendering item itself, so the module "knows" everything that component needs to work in another Sitecore installation:

Save files to the rendering into the new field Files to Download

Press the Download button to get your package:

Download the package

The resulting zip is a normal Sitecore package that can be installed into any Sitecore installation, using the Installation Wizard 

* This component makes highly use of the Link Database index, please make sure you have it updated or else not all related items will appear at the dialog.


Release notes
Please insert section here whenever you add a new version of your Sitecore module package describing version number, new features, fixes and possible known issues.
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