SPE Image Uploader Module-1.0

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10/12/2015 8:37:30 AM
10/28/2015 9:49:58 AM


Sitecore Powershell Extension (SPE) Image Uploader Module is a Powershell Module that uploads Images from the disk to the Media Library in Sitecore. Additionally it associate Sitecore Items to the Images if Items 'Image Name' field contains the name of the Image (without the extension). 


  • Sitecore Powershell Extension 3.1 and above
  • If Images to be associated with Items, the Item Template needs to include a Field called 'Image Name'

For more information you may visit my blog articles

Bulk Loading Images in Sitecore Media Library Using Sitecore Powershell Extension (SPE)

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After installing package

  • Replace Upload-MultipleImages 'http://mysite/' 'admin' 'b' 'C:\Images\' 'jpg' with appropriate parameter values in the script /sitecore/system/Modules/PowerShell/Script Library/Image Uploader/Content Editor/Context Menu/Import Images
  • Replace highlighted text with appropriate values $items=Find-Item -Index sitecore_master_index -Criteria @{Filter = "Equals"; Field = "_templatename"; Value = "Replace Template Name"}, @{Filter = "Equals"; Field = "Image Name"; Value = "$ImageName"} | Select-Object -Property Path | Get-Item in the /sitecore/system/Modules/PowerShell/Script Library/Image Uploader/Functions/Assign-Image script.


Release notes
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