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The SC Log Explorer tool will give you an easier overview of the Sitecore log files when you need to analyze them. 

If your feedback is positive tell to your peers else tell to me at : ​ . Feel free to post your suggestions/comments/bugs at provided email id.

Kiran Patil

P.S. - Big thanks to Krunal Patel for providing me Regular expression and main logic for parsing a log file (It is a Core part of this tool) and Special thanks to Jimmie Overby - The Shared Source Coordinator for all his help in getting things done! 


  • Documentation > Getting Started with the SC Log Explorer
    Getting Started with the SC Log Explorer

    In Sitecore world we all Sitecore developers, spend lot of time analyzing Sitecore log files. And due to complexity of this we miss out obvious things. There are few nice tools available like (Notepad++, Log Parser, and Log Parser Lizard etc.) to analyze log files. But doing some deep analysis, and also doing it faster is not easy with these tools. Basically, wanted to have some native tool which works as per Sitecore log files (Yes, it has some functionality using which you can configure it as per your need!) and allows you to mine a gold from log files easily and rapidly! SCLogExplorer is an outcome of it; where SC stands for Sitecore.

    This tool works with FileAppender (The default log4net appender which comes with Sitecore -- If you have modified your Sitecore file appender's pattern. Then you can modify SCLogExplorer's configuration file and use it), it got nice UI which highlights your output, shows in a grid, and has filter functionality where some predefined filter categories. And if they are not suitable for your need, don’t worry you can write your custom query as well!

    This module is inspired from Apache Chainsaw​ But it works with XML log files only.

    So, If you would like to explore your Sitecore log files easily, then this tool is for you!

        Highlights rows by LogLevel : (Red == ERROR (Needs urgent attention), Green== INFO (You can Ignore them), Orange == Warning (No problem as of now. But it can be - Let's be proactive!)).
        Sort by all columns.
        Total of all data at bottom! (Total files loaded, lines count, and size of all files).
        Shows detailed information in right pane.
        You can load your selected files or full directory (It loads files asynchronously!).
        You can filter, your data using predefined filters.
        You can write your custom query.
        It supports like search as well for Description (LogLevel='WARN' AND Description Like '%process%' AND Time >='14:41:00' AND Time<='14:51:20'). . You can use DataView RowFilter Syntax​
        You can clear your search and reload your all initially loaded data.

  • Documentation > How to install
    How to install

    How to Install?

        It contains setup file in EXE as well as MSI extension, both are same you can use whichever suits you the best.
        Just install it at your desired location.
        Generally, you no need to modify SCLogExplorer's configuration file. But if you have modified your log file's conversionPattern then you need to modify SCLogExplorer's configuration file from : <InstalledDirectory>\SitecoreBasics.SCLogExplorer.exe.config [Just a note : Please read all comments given in that file, and modify it at your own risk! (Don't worry, if you need any help, I'm here to help you out.

    But modify it if you really need it. For example if you have changed your Log file's logging pattern etc.) ]
        Access SCLogExplorer from Start Menu Or Shortcut which got created at your desktop!

    For details understanding of UI please refer How to use section.
    That's it! Enjoy! :-)

  • Documentation > How to use
    How to use

    This blog post will describe how to use the module

Release notes
The module in was added the 11/06-2012
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