Rendering Parameter Personalization Extension

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8/28/2017 1:00:41 AM
9/11/2017 3:21:50 PM
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Personalize Rendering Parameters


Sitecore's conditional renderings allow you to override the datasource and/or the component. This extension allows you to override the rendering parameters too.

Sitecore provides a rule to replace the entire parameter query string, however among other reasons it can be tedious to list all parameters to only modify one. So additionally this extension adds three new conditions to handle common use cases

  • set [parameter] to [value]
  • set multilist [parameter], append [term]
  • set multilist [parameter], remove [term] (if exists)

However, these require the user to know the name and value of the parameters. So, it is recommended to extend these rules and eliminate this knowledge requirement. As an example, you could add a dropdown list with preconfigured values instead of text input.

Parameter Personalization Example


  • Documentation > Installation
    Option 1: Download and install the Sitecore Package.
    Option 2: Follow the source code link above and include the code in your solution. This extension was built with Helix design principles.

    This module was developed on 8.2 update 3, and also tested on 8.2 update 5. If you are using this on a different version it may be best to compile it for your solution. Sitecore dll dependencies in the source code are managed using Sitecore's NuGet repository.
  • Documentation > Usage
    Example Usage
Release notes
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