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Sitecore Quick Item Search control allows navigating to Items quickly.

Features of (QuickItemSearch6) : Main features are as below:

    * Cross-Browser compatible : It works on all browsers which Sitecore supports!
    * Compatible Sitecore versions : Sitecore 6.X
    * No need to have Lucene indexing enabled:- Sitecore provides search which works on Lucene search indexing results. If you have disabled Lucene indexing for your Sitecore instance for performance then Sitecore’s default search will not work. But Quick Item Search will!
    * Token support : It support tokens for items which you access frequently! And you can always extend them! 

Features of Version(QuickItemSearch5) :

    * Quick Item Search alllows navigating to items quickly using Item ID or Item Full Path.
    * Works on Sitecore 5.3.1 


  • Documentation > Getting Started with the Quick Item Search
    Getting Started with the Quick Item Search

    How to Install?

    Installation instructions for Version (QuickItemSearch6) are as below:

        * You can download package from ​here
        * Install that package using Sitecore's Installation Wizard from Sitecore Desktop. (It will copy one DLL to bin folder, does couple of entries in core DB, and copies command file in your App_Config folder)
        * Login to Sitecore CE and start using Quick Item Search from Home Ribbon.
        * That's it! Enjoy! :-)

    Just a note : If quick item search textbox looks too small to you then, you just need to clear browser cache once and you are ready to go!

    Documentation/Quick Item Search6 User Guide

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The module was moved to the marketplace 21-08-2012
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