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4/24/2013 1:15:17 AM
4/29/2013 5:55:41 AM
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With the poll module you can easy and quick setup a poll on your site by a going through a few steps in a wizard and because it utilizes the Sitecore DMS you can follow up on the progress on all your polls you have started on your site by looking at one report by opening up the report in Sitecore Analytics.



  • Documentation > How to use
    How to use
    The documentation available is for version 6.0 but applies to newer versions as well, it is just the OMS features that hasn't yet been documented. To see the OMS features of the poll module please see this ​YouTube video review


    You can find the documentation in a PDF in the download section.
  • Documentation > Known Issues
    Known Issues
    DMS Poll module 2.0.0

    1) Error “empty strings are not allowed” when user enters blank poll name.
    2) Frontend issues in Firefox and Google Chrome in DMS poll wizard:

        a) Textboxes in poll options window are wider than window.
        b) Horizontal scroll is appeared in poll options window.

    3) Poll wizard options window allows go to next step even if no poll options are entered.
    4) Tracking field in “Change settings for the poll” window is inactive. Buttons “Profiles”, “Goals”, “Attributes” are disabled.
    5) Tracking field in “Change tracking settings for the poll option” window is inactive. Buttons “Profiles”, “Goals”, “Attributes” are disabled. User could not set anything in this window.
    6) DMS poll module starts work on Sitecore 6.5.0 Update-2 only after republishing site.
    7) “Setting” button in poll options window is covered by bottom panel.
    8) Two and more DMS poll modules do not work on one page simultaneously correctly.
    9) Incorrect Enter button behavior on poll options window.
Release notes
See here the release history of the poll module
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