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It will list all packages installed in your Sitecore Instance. It will also help you to answer questions related to packages installation like Who created package?, Who Installed it?, When it got installed?

Also, If you've lot of packages already installed OR based on your package deployment frequency you think you will have or already have lot of packages already installed then we've already provided Search, Sorting and Pagination facility for you!

Update : 8 - February - 2014 (Allows you to uninstall package!)

Package History V2 has been launched. In which we provided a functionality using which you can uninstall Sitecore Package/Module just by few clicks!

Main features:

  1. You can uninstall your installed package/module (Using original Package file)
  2. Install/Try as many modules you would like to from Sitecore MarketPlace OR from another Sitecore enthusiast!
  3. View package details in a tabular format
  4. For more information, I would must recommend you to read Package History V2 User Guide

GitHub Project Page :


  • Documentation > How to Download and Install
    How to Download and Install?
    Option 1
    1. If you would like to do it manually you can download Manual Package from here
    2. It contains one folder named as "packageshistory" which contains .aspx page with name as PackageHistory.aspx.
    3. You can copy this folder and paste it in your Webroot\Sitecore\admin folder. [Just a note : you can deploy it on any directory you wish to. But better to put under admin folder as it is secure folder, and as this page is using Single file model. It won't restart/recycle your application.].
    4. Access your page using http:///sitecore/admin/packageshistory/packagehistory.aspx
    5. That's it! Enjoy! :-)

    Option 2

    1. Download Sitecore Package from here, Which will copy the files at required place from here.
    2. Once done, Just access your page using http:///sitecore/admin/packageshistory/packagehistory.aspx
    3. That's it! Enjoy! :-)

  • Documentation > Would like to contribute
    Would like to contribute?
    That's so nice of you!, You can download source code via --
Release notes
Version 1.0 - Initial version
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Code examples
  • Code examples > SourceCode httpsgithubcomklpatilPackageHistory

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