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PNGOptimizer is a image optimizer (or color quamitzer) built into Sitecore's Media Library.  It produces high quality 256 color 8-bit PNG images.  You can optimize a full folder or a specific image.  This optimizer only works with PNG files at the moment.  

When optimizing a folder, you are asked to specify a destination folder for the optimized files.  Only PNG files will be optimized even if the folder contains other image types like jpegs and gifs.  

When optimizing a single image PNG file, the media item itself is modified with the optimized image.  So, if you want to keep a copy of the original file, make sure to duplicate it before optimizing.

There are two (2) configurable options to give you more control: alphaTreshold and alphaFader.

The actual optimizer engine is from a Codeplex project called nQuant (  Please go to the nQuant Codeplex page to learn more about the optimizer itself.


  • Documentation > Optimize an Image or a Folder of Images
    Optimize an Image or a Folder of Images

    Single Image

    This will optimize the image in place replacing the attached image.  This means that any reference to the media file will remain intact.  (Hint: Duplicate the media item if you wish to keep the original.)

    1) Open Media Library and go to the PNG image you want to optimize.

    2) On the Image contextual ribbon, click on Optimize.  

    Multiple Images

    This will optimize all PNG images found in the folder.

    1) Open Media Library and go to the folder with images.

    2) Click on Optimize under the folder options or the command template on the Home ribbon.

    3) On the dialog, select the folder where you wish to store the optimized images.  If you select the same folder where your images are, it will replace the attached images instead of creating a new item. (Hint: Use this if you want to keep your image references in your content).

    4) Click OK.  Wait as this may take a while depending on how large the files are.  (I didn't develop a progress status at this point but I know it'll be useful).

Release notes
This initial release supports PNG files only.  

I had an internal version that converts other formats to PNG and then optimizes them but I wasn't getting good results.  I need to get a good (free) converter but I haven't implemented that.
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