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The move validator is a tool that is used to verify items being copied, moved, and dragged within the Content Editor. It looks at the template of the item being moved and compares it against the insert options of the item it is being moved to. The tool comes with a settings item where the text and locations to where this functionality is applied can be managed.

If you have any issues with the Move Validator module, please report them to the Shared Source forum on SDN or email ​[email protected]

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  • Documentation > Getting Started with Move Validator
    Getting Started with Move Validator

    Initial Configuration 

    The first configuration change that will need to be made is to add the following lines to the web.config file. Please add these entries above the execute command within the specified processors section, e.g. <uiCopyItems>:

      •<processor mode="on" type="MoveValidator.Library.CustomSitecore.Pipeline.CustomCopyItems, MoveValidator.Library" method="ConstrainMove" />

      •<processor mode="on" type=" MoveValidator.Library.CustomSitecore.Pipeline.CustomDragItemTo, MoveValidator.Library" method="ConstrainDragTo" />

      •<processor mode="on" type=" MoveValidator.Library.CustomSitecore.Pipeline.CustomMoveItems, MoveValidator.Library" method="ConstrainMove" />

    Then you will need to adjust the commands.config file found here ~/App_Config/Commands.config. Find the command for: item:pastefromclipboard. You want to replace it with the following command.

    <command name="item:pastefromclipboard" type="MoveValidator.Library.CustomSitecore.Commands.CustomPasteFromClipBoard,MoveValidator.Library" />

    Basic Usage

    By default all nodes underneath the Home node are validated by this tool. However, if you want to select specific top-level nodes to govern the trees to be validated, other nodes can be configured. To do so, you can manage the functionality from the Move Validator Settings item within Sitecore. The settings item can be found at the following location: /sitecore/system/Modules/Move Validator Settings.

    After you set your locations in the settings item the functionality will begin to work against those locations, verifying that the template of the item being inserted matches the insert options of the destination item. If you are logged in as the administrator, it will give you the option to override this.

    This functionality is applied to dragging, copying, moving, and using the copy to and move to functionality within the Content Editor.

Release notes
The module was added 23-03-2011
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