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3/11/2013 12:14:21 PM
4/17/2015 1:40:05 PM
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UPDATED (version 1.1): Simplified creation of custom tags. Added support for both property and method tags (entirely in configuration, not code). Improved documentation. Added pipeline support for all tag typed.

At some point, almost every solution needs a way to manage and emit meta tags. Sometimes we need code to manage meta tags, sometimes content managers, sometimes it would be best done with configuration. As often as not, diverse parts of the solution use different techniques for injecting meta tag into the page, which leads to redundant code and/or hardcoded tags lost in a sea of markup.

This kind of thing has come up often enough that I was motivated to create a MetaTag management module. 

This module provides the functionality for meta tags to be inserted into pages in a variety of ways:

  1. By any rendering code at any point in the page lifecycle.
  2. By custom pipeline processors.
  3. By content authors, through the selection of pre-defined tags.
  4. By site administrators, through global tags managed in content.
  5. By leveraging output from existing static methods, including many Sitecore methods.

Most tags can be defined entirely in configuration, without coding. This includes both static tags, an also method tags and property tags, which derive their values at runtime by leveraging existing methods and properties.

Coders can define custom tags. These tags also derive their values at runtime, but require more logic than simply leveraging an existing method or property. These custom tags can be leveraged globally in either the Content Editor or in config, or selectively in specific pages.

Coders can also create pipeline processors, which can generate tags at runtime. These processors can selectively add zero or more tags depending on context, using your custom logic.


  • Documentation > Documentation
    See the documentation in PDF format under "files".
Release notes
Version 1.0: initial release.
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