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Media Items Minifier module minifies the CSS and Javascript files present in media library. 

When publishing any CSS/JS media library items, it will minify them and upload it in target environment. Media items in the source environment will not be impacted.

This way you can have uncompressed version of CSS and JS media items in DEV/STG environment and minified version in Live environment.

Minification of CSS and JS items is done using YUICompressor.

Note: This module is tested only on Sitecore 6.5. But it should work on all Sitecore 6.0+ versions.


  • Documentation > Getting Started
    * Download the MediaItemsMinfier module package.
    * Install the package in Sitecore.

  • Documentation > Configuring Target Databases
    Configuring Target Databases
    You can specify the databases in which media items should be minified as given below:

    * Open /Website/App_Config/MediaItemsMinifier.config file.

    * In <databases> node specify the list of target database names separated by a comma.
       E.g. <databases>web,production</databases>
       This specifies that minify media items which are published to web and production databases only.
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Version 1.0
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