Multi Site Aliases for Sitecore with SXA

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9/12/2019 10:16:19 AM
9/23/2019 4:24:44 PM
Provider: Vikash Raaj


Advantages of Multi Site Aliases for Sitecore with SXA

    • Not supportive for Mutli Site, Multi Lingual site to maintain different Aliases
    • Site A Aliases, would be used by Site B which is not an expected behavior.
    • SXA doesn’t have the feature of Custom Site Specific Aliases Feature

How to Use the Plugin

Once installed and configured on required sites, we can use the feature as same as the normal aliases mode. Click on the item and click on the Aliases under presentation menu. You can see the window like below.


Adding a New Aliases for a Site in SXA



For Demo we have done the configuration to User Same folder for Site A , Site B and different folder for Site C.

On Popup, you can see the same auto grouped out for user to see clearly how the sites are classified.




Type the Aliases name and select the required sites to include the Aliases. On click of Add, it gets added and update the Existing Aliases automatically.



How it Looks Under Aliases Folder.


  • Documentation > Installation
    Please do read the documentation on how to install and use the plugin in easier way rather than normal default Aliases
Release notes
Please insert section here whenever you add a new version of your Sitecore module package describing version number, new features, fixes and possible known issues.
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