MVC - Custom VaryBy Cache Parameter

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10/1/2016 5:07:50 AM
10/5/2016 10:06:07 PM


Applicable for only Sitecore MVC

This module helps in enabling Sitecore HTML cache based on additional options. 
- Vary by URL
- Vary by Unique ID (!Important - may increases RAM utilization)

It also provides an option to disable the Sitecore Cache at page presentation if the rendering is set to cacheable at rendering definition. 


  • Documentation > <b>Installation</b>:
    Download the Package and install it using Installation Wizard. 
  • Documentation > <b>Usage</b>

    - After installation, two options are added at rendering definition - Caching section. 
       - Vary By URL 
              -cache key varies by HttpContext AbsolutePath
              -cache key can be combined with other options like query string (existing)
       - Vary By Unique ID
              -cache key varies by Rendering Unique ID
              -may lead to increased RAM usage

    - Similarly same options are added to Page Presentation component properties. 

    - Also, there is an option called "Cancel Cache Settings" which disables the caching settings which is set at the rendering definition. 
Release notes
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