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2/18/2014 12:09:24 AM
4/12/2017 10:57:38 PM
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The Language Migration Tool is a great way to quickly add all of the versions of the items in a specific location in the content tree.  I had gotten an initial version of this tool from Alex Shyba a couple of years ago.  Since then I have added additional functionality to it and my UX team has spruced up the look.  

There are several configurable fields that can be used when running the tool:

1. 'Select Sitecore Database': this is the database on which the actions should be executed.

2. 'Dry Run': if this is checked, no actions will executed.

3. 'Type of Action': can select 'Migrate Source To Target Language' and 'Remove Target Language'

4.  'Source Language' and 'Target Language': change the Target Language to the one you want the system to be adding to each item.

5. 'All Other Language':  All available languages will have a version added to the item

6. 'Process Children' and 'Process Recursively': if the children of the item specified in the Path textbox should also be processed

7. 'Only Items Without Language': I felt that the main point of this tool is to create missing language versions, there is no need to increment if it is already there

8. 'Don't Transfer Field Values': When fallback is enabled, we don’t want the values to be copied over along with the new language version.

9. 'Transfer only Content Fields': Don't want to copy system fields

10. 'Delete Source Version': This would only be the case if there was a problem and all the content was entered into the wrong language by mistake.


  • Documentation > Documentation can be downloaded from Github
    Documentation can be downloaded from Github
Release notes
Initial Release 1.0
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Code examples
  • Code examples > Code can be found on Github
    Code can be found on Github

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