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The IndexViewer is a Sitecore integrated Lucene, Sitecore.Search and Sitecore.ContentSearch index browser. It allows you to open an index defined in the web.config. You can see information about the index (last updated, number of documents etc.), browse the documents in the index and see the content and last but not least it allows you to search the index using different Lucene Queries. Further it allows you to run LINQ expressions.

The initial idea and implementation was made by Jens Mikkelsen of Inmento Solutions.

Vyacheslav Tronko has implemented the new features in release 1.2. Thanks for his great contributions.
Paul Martin has implemented the new features in release 1.3. Thanks for his great contribution.

If you need to know something about Sitecore, take a look at this ​Sitecore learning site
General info


Either use the ​Shared source forum or drop me an e-mail jm( at) inmento - dot - dk. I will answer it, if I have the time. 


  • Documentation > Getting Started with the Index Viewer
    Getting Started with the Index Viewer

    After installing the package, you can open the application from the menu and see the following screens

    Open index (both new indexes using Sitecore.Search and old school indexes

    index select

    Index overview:

    index overview

    Browse documents:

    browse document

    Search for documents using different queries:

    Search for documents using different queries

Release notes
The module was added 12-02-2009
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