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The Image Cropper is a small add-on to the Sitecore getMediaStream pipeline, and provides an option to center-crop thumbnails/images to fixed dimensions without incurring the black borders automatically added by Sitecore.

Example of a cropped area of an image, from the original @ 1280x852px. 

See the Documentation to get started. Image Cropper has been tested against Sitecore 6.2 and 6.4 preview. 


  • Documentation > Getting Started with the Image Cropper
    Getting Started with the Image Cropper


        1. Using the Image Cropper project source from SVN, compile the project against your version of the Sitecore.Kernel.dll.
        2. Copy the resulting Sitecore.Igloo.Shared.dll into your site’s /bin folder.
        3. Copy /App_Config/Include/ImageProcessor.config into your site’s /App_Config/Include folder.

    To enable cropping on a particular image, the following querystring parameter must be set (in addition to the image’s width and height params):


    So, given a standard image such as: test.jpg?w=480&h=220 can enable cropping by appending the crop parameter: test.jpg?w=480&h=220&crop=1

    The resulting image will be a JPEG, compressed to the percentage specified in the ImageProcessor.config file.

    When using Sitecore's sc:image tag you can use the following syntax - it will automatically add the crop parameter on the media URL.

    XSLT syntax:

    <sc:image field="imageFieldName" crop="1" width="50" height="50" />

    ASP.Net webform syntax:

    <sc:image runat="server" field="imageFieldName" parameters="w=50&h=50&crop=1" />

Release notes
The module was added 18-11-2010
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