Integrated Dynamic Placeholders

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1/29/2015 2:56:35 PM
10/28/2015 9:45:04 AM


The Integrated Dynamic Placeholders package team Sitecore! Experienced has developed will allow both MVC and WebForms support natively, as well as programmatically connect a single Placeholder Setting Item to all instances of the named Dynamic Placeholder that appear on any page, regardless of quantity.

Provided are links for the module, installation documentation, a Sitecore module with examples, and a usage guide.

Version 1.1 Package Uploaded.  This package fixes the ability to nest Dynamic Placeholders inside of other Dynamic Placeholders and have the Allowed Renderings for the inner Placeholder be correct.

Version 1.2 Package Uploaded.  This package fixes the ability to nest a first instance of a Dynamic Placeholder inside of a non-first instance of a separate Dynamic Placeholder, and have the Allowed Renderings be correct.


  • Documentation > Please see the Installation and Usage Guide
    Please see the Installation and Usage Guide 
    within the downloads.
Release notes
The following files will be added to the Web directory upon installation of Version 1.0 of this package:   
    1. SitecoreExperienced.DeveloperSuite.config in the App_Config/Include directory   
    2. SitecoreExperienced.SitecoreControls.dll in the bin directory   
    3. SitecoreExperienced.Pipelines.GetPlaceholderRenderings.dll in the bin directory
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