ImageProcessor Module

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3/1/2013 12:30:48 AM
12/5/2017 3:56:53 PM
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Provider: Namics AG


Sitecore brings image resizing operations out of the box. For more sophisticated use however, there is a pipeline which can be extended. This module extends the existing image processing functionalities of Sitecore by the following operations:

- Greyscale (transforms an image to greyscale)
- RotateFlip (rotates and/or flips an image on the x/y axis)
- Pixel-precise ImageCrop (crops image out of original image, starting point (x/y value) can  be defined)
- CenterCrop (crops image out of the center of the original image adjusting max. width or height based on aspect ratio)
- KeepOrientation (rotates the uploaded file automatically using the orientation-flag of Exif information)

Image processing functionality supported formats are jpg, png and gif.


Release notes
Release 1.0 - (New) initial Release

Release 1.1 - (New) keep orientation for uploaded images
                      (Fix) problem with images width=height fixed
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