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7/4/2013 5:08:42 AM
4/17/2015 1:39:48 PM
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The Sitecore content editor has internal support for hiding system fields. In normal circumstances, these “standard” fields are hidden from view, as they are seldom used in the course of normal content editing, and clutter up the content editor interface. Administrators and power users can turn on “standard fields” in order to see or modify these fields in the ribbon under View > Standard Fields.

It is sometimes desirable for the developer to hide some of the fields that are created as part of the solution. This may include:

  • Fields that are intended only for administration. To avoid clutter, these fields should be hidden unless the content editor is showing standard (system) fields.

  • Fields that are populated by handlers. This could include fields that are populated by a save handler and should not be edited.

  • Fields that are populated by a publishing processor, to aggregate information or provide hints or shortcuts to the CD, to improve performance or to pass along other data.

  • Fields that are populated or reconciled by a data importer, which should not be edited.

This module extends Sitecore to allow developers to designate when a field should be hidden from the content editor. The options are to (1) always show the field, (2) always hide the field, or (3) only show the field when the content editor is showing standard (system) fields.

The module extends the “GetContentEditorFields” pipeline and also extends the “template field” template that Sitecore uses for managing template fields in the content editor.


  • Documentation > Installation

    There are three key pieces required for this module: the assembly, the config file and Sitecore content items. These are all included in the package Arke.Templates.zip. To install this module, simply upload this package to Sitecore and install it normally.

    If security prevents the package installer from deploying the assembly (.dll) file or the Arke.Templates.config file, these can be extracted from the zip file and deployed manually.

    See the full documentation file in the "files" section.
Release notes
The module was released 4th July 2013.
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