Glimpse Plugin for Sitecore

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10/24/2012 11:41:23 PM
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Glimpse is a great tool for ASP.NET developers that displays a wealth of information about the current request directly in the browser. The Glimpse Plugin for Sitecore is a plugin that will display information specific to Sitecore and allows developers to quickly view important properties that control the Sitecore request pipelines. 

Download and install Glimpse first before installing the Glimpse Plugin for Sitecore. You will have to update the web.config to install Glimpse.

Once Glimpse is installed, download and place the DLL for the Glimpse Plugin for Sitecore in the /bin folder for the website.


  • Documentation > Installation Instructions
    Installation Instructions
    1. Install Sitecore CMS
    2. Download Glimpse and put the DLL in the /bin folder
    3. Update the Web.config with the Glimpse configuration sections
    4. Test Glimpse
    5. Download the Glimpse Plugin for Sitecore and put the DLL in the /bin folder
Release notes
This is the first version of the Glimpse Plugin for Sitecore
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