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11/10/2014 9:29:42 AM
4/17/2015 1:38:49 PM
Source: Github
Provider: Vicent Galiana


It's common to include links to secured areas of your website like "manage your preferences". Usually the user has to be redirected to a log in page before accessing the expected page.
With this module the user will be automatically logged in, making your email integration much more user friendly.

Current functionality:
  • ECM Integration
This module don't any extra parameter to the links. All the functionality is based on ECM API
  • Multi-site support.
Each site can have it's how settings. 

You can specify for which sites the system is listening.

  • Double security check

The module can be configured to use the campaign and the automation state as token before logging in a user, reducing the chances of "unexpected" users.

  • Link expiration
It will let you decide after how long a link won't log in the users.
  • Persistent log in

You can decide it the user will be remembered the next time he access the site.

  • Notifications

You can show a notification message to your users to give them any sort of information.

Pre-configured to use notify.js

Style and text configurable per site.

Token replacement for message text (same functionality as in the email)

The Sublayout / renderegin / place holder used to show the message is configurable.

  • More to come...


  • Documentation > REQUIREMENTS
    • Sitecore 6.6
    • Email Campaign Manager (ECM) 2.1
Release notes
Version 1.0 (Current)
This is the initial version after a simple proof of concept.
This module has never been tested in a "real" site. Remember you're changing dramatically the security of your site, and this module comes wit NO WARRANTY at all and you are using it on your risk, so please, test, test , test it before taking it to production.
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Code examples
  • Code examples > HOW TO USE IT

    1 Install the installation package from the downloads section, as usual.

    2 Create a new item under your root item based on the template: /sitecore/templates/Galiana/Ecm Auto Login/Auto LogIn Options

    3 Publish the new items:

    Your new item

    4 Send a new email an begin playing with it.


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