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11/22/2012 7:48:33 AM
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This module can save you a lot of time designing and managing workflows. It's capable of simplifying complex workflow requirements without a trade-off of its flexibility.
It is based on Sitecore's Rules Engine feature and uses it to run workflow commands and actions.
It may provide an easy way of setting up landing workflows, performing specific item actions, unifying complex workflows. It makes it easy to share/reuse custom actions. 


  • Documentation > Installation Guide
    Installation Guide
    The module is distributed as Sitecore package and should be installed using Installation Wizard.
    The following item paths get added to Sitecore solution:
    /sitecore/templates/Modules/Dynamic Workflow
    /sitecore/system/Settings/Rules/Dynamic Workflow

    This DLL file gets installed with the package:

  • Documentation > Administrators Guide
    Administrator's Guide

    The key aspect of Dynamic Workflow module is its reliance on Sitecore Rules engine to determine workflow process.

    The architecture takes advantage of standard workflow actions to evaluate and execute rules and actions defined for workflow stages. 

    Extended version of a Workflow Action definition item contains additional fields “Rule” and “Rules”. The Rule field allows one to create a workflow rule directly on the workflow action.  The Rules field provides an ability to select one or more predefined workflow rules.

    There is “runWorkflowActionRules” pipeline that is responsible for running rules configured in the Workflow Action.


    Rules defined on Workflow Rule Action item determine workflow process behavior. The module comes with predefined rule actions that should cover simple common scenarios. Additional rule actions could be created if needed.


    This is the list of rule actions that are supplied with the module.
    Cancel workflow command – cancels a current workflow command.
    Example: the action could be used to enforce required fields etc.
    Move item to destination – moves an item to a specified location.
    Example: specific type of images could be uploaded into a common folder and then moved to a designated location.
    Move to workflow state – moves an item to a specified workflow state.
    Example: when an advanced user is allowed to skip intermediate workflow states.
    Send email – sends email to a specified email addresses or all users of a particular Sitecore role.
    When role should be used the syntax should be as this: 
    role=Sitecore Client Authoring,Sitecore Client Developing
    Show text message – pops up a javascript message box.
    Example: notify a user that XX field has to be populated. In this case it should be used in combination with Cancel workflow command action.
    Start workflow – moves item into a specified workflow and starts the workflow process.
    Example: a landing workflow used when item gets created but a specific workflow should be applied depending on item location in the content tree.
    Stop after execution – stops further execution of rule actions. Similar to Microsoft Outlook “stop after execution” action.
    Example: when several rules are selected in the “Rules” field of the workflow rule action, only the first one that meets the condition should be executed. The rest should be ignored.
  • Documentation > Downloads
    To download Sitecore package click here.

    To get module sources go here.
Release notes
The module was added on 22-11-2012.
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