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The Detailed config report module shows how the web.config file would look like with the auto include config files highlighted in red. This makes it really easy to see where your auto include config file get included and if at all.


  • Documentation > Getting Started with the Detailed Config Report
    Getting Started with the Detailed Config Report

    Sitecore V6 introduces a nice feature called Auto Include Config files. It allows to change configuration without modifying web.config and hence without ASP.NET restart. It's great and very useful, but it seems to be hard to understand the final configuration file after all changes since they are made on a fly. Though it's definitely necessary for debugging or discovering issues in the solution.

    The Detailed Config Report tool shows the final configuration after all external files are processed and mark all changes with detailed information: where the change determined, the changed or added text.

    To run the tool:

    application start

    See the results:

    config details

Release notes
The module was added 08-08-2008
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