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The Data Importer is designed to make it easy to import data into Sitecore Items. There are three built in data provider types: Sitecore Importer, SQL importer, MySQL Importer and CSV Importer.


The Data Importer consists of "Import Maps" which you build using the content tree to define where the data is pulled from and how to map existing field values to new Item fields. There is also an editor tab on the Import Map item itself that allows you to run the import maps and gives you messaging about errors or if it was successfully imported.


You can also download the source code from GitHub and customize it yourself.

There's also a few videos I've created to help get you started:

The 1.5 version adds an "Import Language" to allow you to specify which language to import into. This can be re-run several times to import different version types for a single item. 

The 1.6 version allows you to add a database definition to the config and it's supporting connection string to another Sitecore instance to import content from. 

The 1.7 version enabled Selecting Import From Language functionality on Sitecore Imports so you can cantrol both from and to languages.

The 1.8 version enabled Recursively building children on Sitecore Imports so the parent/child structure remains intact. 

The 1.9 version enabled setting the new template based on the old template on Sitecore Imports.

The 1.10 version allows you to use the $name token in the "Pull Item Name from What Field" field. It also updates the StripInvalidChars method to use characters defined in the Sitecore setting "InvalidItemNameChars". 

The 1.11 version fixes a bug with the import to use the correct "From" database.

The 1.12 version allows you to set the encoding type (utf-8 or 1252) and the field delimiter through fields on the CSV Import Map


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The module was added 11-07-2011
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