Campaign Launch Application

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11/27/2013 5:05:44 AM
8/24/2015 10:21:27 AM
Source: GitHub
Provider: Sitecore


Looking for something that works with a later release of Sitecore? 

This CLA module does not work with SXP8.0 but there is a very similar module on the developer network called campaign creator that is compatible with SXP8.0.

The Campaign Launch Application is a shared source module which is an example of how to create an application using SPEAK.

This module takes the marketer through a series of tabbed steps to create and launch a campaign

  • GENERAL - name, description, start and end dates
  • LANDING PAGE - edit the landing page from a pre-defined template
  • BROADCAST - add email, Facebook, and Twitter to broadcast the presence of the your page
  • ENGAGEMENT - add users that access your landing page to an engagement plan
  • REVIEW - workflow, publishing and stopping the campaign
  • REPORTS - reports showing the effectiveness of your campaign

The source code of this module is available with descriptions as well as a Sitecore installation package. This source is designed to provide examples of how this type of application can be written using SPEAK.

cla screenshot


  • Documentation > Links to documentation

    All PDF documentation can be found on the download link.

    User Guide (includes installation)

    Demonstration slides

    Developer Documentation

  • Documentation > RELEASE NOTES
    Support for Sitecore 7.2
Release notes
The Campaign Launch Application requires:
Sitecore 7.1,
DMS 7.1
Email Campaign Manager 2.1,
Sitecore Social Connected Module 1.3.1
Sitecore Design Importer 2.0
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