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Cache Tuner Module helps you to understand your Sitecore Caching usage and helps you for fine tuning cache sizes as per Sitecore's Caching Guide Recommendation.

Caching is one of the least used and misunderstood, yet most powerful features of Sitecore. Most developers do not get into the details of harnessing the power of caching until they get to at least the intermediate proficiency level, and some never use it at all. I’ve observed that due to Cache Size Tuning’s complexity process people are not tuning Cache size even though they have plenty of RAM available! OR sometime they overconfigure it which leads to OOM errors.

This module is the implementation of the rules given in ​Sitecore Caching guide. So, If you would like to check whether cache sizes are being utilized or not? If utilized then how much amount of Cache Tuning is required. Then this tool is for you!

If you have any issues/ideas/suggestions with the Cache Tuner module, please report them to the Shared Source forum on SDN OR drop me a line at ​[email protected]

If your feedback is positive tell to your peers else tell to me at : ​[email protected] Feel free to post your suggestions/comments/bugs at provided email id.

Kiran Patil

Special thanks to Jimmie Overby - The Shared Source Coordinator for such a nice initiative and doing everything quickly and much efficiently! 


  • Documentation > Getting Started with Cache Tuner
    Getting Started with Cache Tuner


        * Suggests by color: (Red == Alert (Needs urgent attention), Green == Normal (You can Ignore them), Orange == Warning (No problem as of now. But it can be - Let's be proactive!)).
        * Total of all data at bottom! (Total Size, Delta, and Max Size).
        * Data can be exported as CSV along with all suggestions and shared with in team/ if someone would like to do more analysis, he/she can do by using power of Excel!
        * No Manual Cache Calculations, tool does it for you as per Sitecore recommendations.

    Download module

    in the download section


  • Documentation > How to Install
    How to Install

    How to Install?

        * It contains one .aspx page with name as CacheTuner.aspx.
        * You can copy this page and paste it in your Webroot\Sitecore\admin folder. [Just a note : you can deploy it on any directory you wish to. But better to put under admin folder as it is secure folder, and as this page is using Single file model. It won't restart/recycle your application.].
        * Access your page using http://<YOURDOMAINNAME>/sitecore/admin/cachetuner.aspx.
        * For details understanding of UI please refer How to use section.
        * That's it! Enjoy! :-)

    How to use?

    Please refer ​Cache Tuner User Guide:

    More links:

    Documentation/Cache Tuner User Guide
    Sitecore Caching Basics -- Basics of Sitecore Caching.
    Sitecore Cache Size Tuning Basics -- Basics of Sitecore Cache Size Tuning!.

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The module was added27-04-2011
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