Release notes - Sitecore Azure 8.1

November 2016 – released Sitecore Azure 8.1 (rev. 161109)

​This product update includes a Redis Session State Provider, and is required for any future Sitecore Azure deployments on Sitecore Experience Platform 8.1.

Previous versions of Sitecore Azure 8.1 configure Sitecore to use a custom Session State Provider based on the Azure In-Role Cache. Microsoft will retire its Azure In-Role Cache Service on Nov 30, 2016.

Important: This update is the last planned release for Sitecore Azure 8.1.

New feature/improvements

Description Customer ticket ID (or other) TFS no.
Sitecore Azure now supports the Sitecore ASP.NET session state provider for Redis, which enables you to use Azure Redis Cache as your session state store.​​​

​​Sitecore Azure now supports using the Azure 2.9.1 SDK.​ ​