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There are 2 basic types of redirects that you can create; 1) Simple Redirect and 2) an Inbound Rule with Conditions and Redirects.

You also have the ability to test the rules in the Url Rewrite application without having to navigate to them.

When you create a top level Redirect Folder, you can specify a Site via the drop down list.  This runs the rules only for that particular site.

Simple Redirect
Allows you to specify a regular expression match condition and a redirect target url.  It will always use a 301 redirect set to not cache.

Inbound Rule
Allows you to set a regular expression to match on the path of a url.   Supports regular expression capture groups the same way that IIS UrlRewrite module does.

Allows you to set Conditions based on the host, querystring or scheme (protocol - http / https).

Allows you to choose if you want to use a regular expression or just use an exact match.

Supports three types of Actions: Redirect, Custom Response and Abort.

Redirect - allows you to specify any of the Redirect status codes, 301 (Permanent), 302 (Found), 303 (See Other) and 307 (Temporary).

Custom Response - allows you to specify response status code, sub status code and description.

Abort - ends the request if the rule is matched

Allows you to link to an external url, an internal item, or a media library item.

Allows you to set the cacheability of this redirect.

Allows you to stop the processing of more rules if the rule is matched.


  • Documentation > Url Rewrite 1.2
    Url Rewrite 1.8
    Documentation and source available at https://github.com/iamandycohen/UrlRewrite
  • Documentation > Installation
    After installing this package, insert a Redirect Folder template which can be found in /sitecore/System/Modules/UrlRewrite/Templates/Redirect Folder.

    After you create this redirect folder, you can specify a Site Name Restriction (on the Content Tab) if you need to.  Site Name Restriction filters the rules that are run based on this field.
Release notes
Documentation and source can be found on Github: http://github.com/iamandycohen/UrlRewrite
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