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11/17/2016 8:07:19 PM
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This Module generates Sitecore Update Package, which is a possible solution for the prominent drawbacks of the Standard ZIP Packages like, feasibility of packaging Field/Version instead of whole Item, deletion of Item etc.

This generated Update Package can be analyzed and installed using Sitecore’s UpdateInstallationWizard. In case of any collisions, we will be notified while analyzing, which is an added advantage of this module. 


    The Background:
    Packaging & Installing Items would be part of our routine work when working with Sitecore. Often we would package the entire item, when only certain versions or fields are required to be packaged. Hence the operation becomes expensive. Using this module, we can package whole Item(s) or only Version(s) or even Field(s) alone.

    Most of the times we would end up in manually deleting the items from Target Database, since we do not have option to delete Item using the Standard ZIP Package. Using this module, we can capture the deletions while packaging. For More details on Update Packages, please visit our blog

    The Working:
    Once this module is installed, you can access this module from Launch Pad.

    Packaging Items/Versions/Fields:
    Once an item is selected for packaging, the list of version(s) and field(s) in which the item has content will be displayed in the Right Pane. Required Version(s) and Field(s) can be selected for packaging. In case if the whole item is required, all the Version(s) and Field(s) have to be selected.

    Packaging Item Deletions:
    Deleted Items will be picked from Recycle Bin and if you wish to delete the item in the Target Database, you can select them. Deleted Items will be displayed in red.

    Merge Options:
    Following are the merge options available, which is specific to each item,
    Overwrite: Creates Item with selected Version(s)/Field(s). Versions that are not selected, will be removed. Selected Version’s Fields that are not selected, will be cleared. If Item Exists, it will be overwritten.
    Merge: Merge if Item Exists & Merge selected Version(s). Versions/Fields that are not selected, will not be modified. Skip if Item doesn't Exist.
    Merge-Overwrite: Merge if Item Exists & Overwrite selected Version(s). Versions that are not selected, will not be modified. Selected Version’s Fields that are not selected, will be cleared. Skip if Item doesn't Exist.
    Skip: Skip if Item already Exists

    Recursive Selections:
    For recursive selections, you just have to double click on the item or checkbox, and all the sub-items will be selected. Recursive selections will be indicated by grey checkbox. 

    Format Painter:
    But what if we have to select the same Version(s) or Field(s) for ‘n’ items, here we need not do it repeatedly. You just have to click on ‘Format Painter’ Button, click on the Item from which the format has to be copied.
    Once the source item is selected, cursor will change to ‘Apply Format’, and you just need to click on the items where the same format has to be applied. This will copy the Versions, Fields & Merge Option Selections from source item to target item. Once it is completed, you have to click on Format Painter again to finish the activity.  

Release notes
Please insert section here whenever you add a new version of your Sitecore module package describing version number, new features, fixes and possible known issues.
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