UnLock Item Versions

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8/9/2017 5:01:02 PM
8/18/2017 1:51:05 PM


Functionality of this Module

  ·       User can unlock all the version of Sitecore item by just one click

  ·       User can unlock all the language version of the Sitecore item with immediate child as well by  just one click, this is very practical scenario, for example I need to unlock all the articles in all  language so, I can easily go to the article folder and click on All Version with Child option.

  ·       Not only admin user can unlock the Item version, any user who is been configured for this task  can see this context menu option and use this feature, this is also the biggest challenge for  sitecore content editors, As currently  admin user can only unlock the other’s locked items.

 How to Use this Module:

 It’s very simple and straight forward, just install this module, it will add one DLL, path config file  for custom command and one item in the context menu in the core database.ts:

 ·       Change the database from master to core

 ·       Go to security editor > Desktop > security tools > security editor

 ·       Go to unlock item option in the core database

 ·       /sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Context Menues/Default/Unlock Item

 ·       Assign the read/write permission to the appropriate users/roles


Release notes
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