Tealium Tag Management

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9/29/2014 8:39:23 AM
3/4/2019 1:39:07 PM
Source: Tealium
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The Tealium Tag Management Module streamlines the deployment of Tealium on Sitecore web sites. 

  • Automates the deployment of Tealium tag on Sitecore sites
  • Streamlines the addition of rich data layer on web site, simplifying analytics deployments
  • Provides support for both synchronous and asynchronous tag management implementations
  • Supports all third-party digital marketing tags. 


Release notes
Version 1.2 released on August 24th, 2015

Improvements into the Sitecore Tealium Tag Management Module + Support for multi-site configuration and domains within one instance of Sitecore.
·         Tealium Tag Management-1.2.zip Sitecore package for a clean installation
·         Tealium Tag Management-1.2-update.zip Sitecore package for updating from version 1.0.0

Version 1.0 released on September 26th, 2014

Main Features:The module represents an object-oriented framework that allows Sitecore developers to enable the Tealium Tag Management scripts into their solutions. The module is fully configurable and customizable. 
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