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7/13/2016 3:12:54 PM
8/2/2016 11:13:46 AM
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Sitecore Taglist module introduces new field type to the Content Editor of Sitecore Experience Platform: Taglist.

Sitecore Taglist is a list-typed field and its functionality is very close to the Multilist field.

The advantages that Tagfield gives are:

  1. Autocomplete while typing
  2. User-friendly UI
  3. Improved usability especially when dealing with large collections of source items

Tagfield is based on Chosen – a jQuery plugin: https://harvesthq.github.io/chosen/

Once the package is installed a new field type called Taglist appears in the Template builder.

Git repository: https://github.com/Bilyukov/SitecoreTaglist 

Along with the installation package you will find another package [git]\ Sitecore Packages\Taglist-Test-Content-1.0.zip which contains templates and content items that can be used while testing the module.

The module is tested against Sitecore CMS 6.6 and higher (Sitecore 6.6 – 8.1)



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