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SeitenKern Translator is a all-round translator for your website and an important  module for all .NET Sitecore developers.

Nearly all websites are multilingual and managing translations is always a hard step in development progress.

This module helps you to manage your translations with ease! It builds on the dictionary domain concept introduced in version 6.6 of the Sitecore ASP.NET Web Content Management System (CMS).

It's very easy to use! Within 5 Minutes you are ready to take the full advantages of the module, and managing translations is blown out of your mind ;)

The module requires a small set of templates: 

- dictionary folder (for structure only)

- dictionary domain (item-id with this template should take place in your site config)

- dictionary folder (the folder for the dictionary index)

- dictionary entry (at least the entry template) 

Keep in mind: The dictionary domain has a fallback domain! If a key is not found in the current dictionary, the translator searches for the key in the fallback domain and returns the translation item if key is found. Else, the translator adds the key to the current dictionary.

If a key was loaded from the fallback domain and you set "AddToAllDictionaries" sometime later, the translator is smart enough to recognize this! It adds the translation to the current dictionary and to all other configured dictionaries where not an item with this key exists!



  • Documentation > Installation

    Installation of the module is quite simple!

    1. Install the package via Installation Wizard. (Templates are located in "User Defined" Folder)

    2. Add an item with the Dictionary-Template to wherever you want.

    3. Right-click on the Dictionary item and insert a Dictionary Domain.

    4. Copy the ID of the Dictionary Domain item and paste it into your SiteDefinition.config.

              <site name="mysite" patch:before="site[@name='website']"
                  dictionaryDomain="{ID-OF-YOUR-DICTIONARY-DOMAIN-ITEM}" />

    5. You are done configuring the module!!!
  • Documentation > Usage
    Grab the SeitenKern.SitecoreContrib.Translation.dll from bin-folder and link it into your solution.

    You can use the Translated-Control directly within your Layouts and Sublayouts. Register the Assembly in your Page/User Control:

    <%@ Register TagPrefix="sk" Namespace="SeitenKern.SitecoreContrib.Controls" Assembly="SeitenKern.SitecoreContrib.Translation" %>
        <title>Sample Project</title>
        <form method="post" runat="server" id="mainform">
            <h1>Sample Homepage</h1>
            <sk:Translated runat="server" Key="SampleTranslation" AddToAllDictionaries="true/false"/>

    AddToAllDictionaries is optional, if set to true the translation will be add to all dictionaries in all configured sites.

    If you want to use the translator from code-behind, create a translator-instance in your global.asax:

    protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
        Translator.Instance = new DefaultTranslator();

    and use it wherever you want:

    var label = new Label {Text = Translator.Translate("SampleTranslation", true)};

    The Boolean argument indicates whether the translation should be add to all dictionaries in all configured sites.

    That's it! Quite easy isn't it?

    Have fun and feel free to leave me a comment or a review, a rating or a recommend :D

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