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9/7/2012 4:04:20 AM
4/17/2015 1:39:17 PM
Provider: Sitecore


Sitecore Rocks integrates directly with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and gives developers a fast, streamlined development experience by letting them use the tools that they are familiar with. This will increase productivity and lower the incidence of bugs.


Sitecore Explorer: View the content tree for multiple websites and multiple databases. Delete, edit, or drag and drop multiple items simultaneously.

Item Editor: Edit the content of Sitecore items directly inside Microsoft Visual Studio - no need to open a web browser. The Item Editor supports multi-edit so that multiple items can be updated in a single operation. 

Search: Fully integrated Sitecore search.

Media Library: Query-based media library. Upload new media using drag and drop.

Layout Designer: Use drag and drop to setup presentation for multiple devices.

Template Designer: Quick and easy configuration of data templates.

Link Viewer: Quickly locate referrers and references.

Sitecore Project Management: Connect a Visual Studio project to a Sitecore website and create Sitecore items from aspx, ascx and xsl files with a few clicks. Track file operations (duplicate, copy, move, rename) and update the Sitecore items automatically.

Log Viewer: Keep track of what is happening on a Sitecore website with a running log.

Job Viewer: See which jobs are running in the background on a Sitecore website.

Debug and Trace: View Profile and Trace files.

Sitecore Query Analyzer (temporary name): scripting CRUD. 

Site Validation: Validate your site against more the 50 rules.

NuGet: Install NuGet packages that includes Sitecore items and files.

PowerShell: Exposes a Sitecore database as a PowerShell drive.

Sitecore Rocks is fully extendable using plug-ins that allows you to add new buttons, item editor skins, field types, pipelines and more.


Release notes
Changes for 0.7.12 CTPVersion 0.7.12 CTP contains a number of critical bug fixes for 0.7.11 CTP.

Changes for 0.7.11 CTP (see release notes).
- Visual Studio 2012 support (no dark theme)- Commandy- Property Window in Sitecore Rocks for Windows- New Layout Designer which uses the Property Window to set properties- - Folders window- Removed ”Items” tree view node in the Sitecore Explorer- Removed ”Connecting to...” dialog- Code First support for templates- Enabled many commands for views other than Sitecore Explorer- Convert to GUID / Convert to Path field command- Scope to Here commandAnd many bugsfixes.
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