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The current features of the module are:

- Timely creation of Social media posts in Sitecore content tree which gives you more control to hide/show it on your site.

- Social media channels currently covered are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

- Whenever the task creates new items, old ones are recycled to avoid the duplication as well as memory consumption because your site visitors are interested in the latest data.

- All social media channels are handled independently which means you can configure only channels that are relevant to you.


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    Steps for installation:   

    - Download Social Media Fetcher module package.

    - Install the package using Sitecore packing utility.

    - Allow the dll and config file to be placed in those respective places.

    Contents of the module are:

    File system:

    1. Sitecore.SocialMediaFetcher.dll will be placed in bin folder.

    2. Sitecore.SocialMediaFetcher.config will be placed in App_config\Include folder.

    Sitecore Items:

    1. 'Social Media Fetcher' template folder under Templates item.

    2. 'Social Media Fetcher' module folder under System\Modules item.

    3. Command items for each social media channel in /sitecore/system/Tasks/Commands

    4. Schedule items for each social media channel in /sitecore/system/Tasks/Schedules

    Configuration steps:

    1. Go to the config file and add other database's names comma separated in case you have more than one publishing target. Default ‘web’ will be present.

    2. Go to the Schedule Items (/sitecore/system/Tasks/Schedules) in Sitecore and remove the Schedule for the social media channels which are not relevant to you.

    3. Adjust the Schedule as per your requirement for the social media channels which are relevant to you. Default it will run after every 10 hours.

    4. Go to the configuration item (/sitecore/system/Modules/Social Media Fetcher/Configuration Item), and enter the configurations in the section of each Social Media Details section for which you want to configure. Ex. if we need to configure Facebook, then we will expand the Facebook Details section and enter values in Parent Item, Access token & No of Items to be created fields.

    NOTE: Each field is mandatory for each Social Media Channel, in case any of the field is left blank then that particular Social Media channel will log a message in Sitecore logs as an error saying there is problem in configuration.

    5. The parent Item should be within the Sitecore tree and this is an item under which new items will be created.

    I have tried to explain as much as possible for the installation and configuration of this module, but if you feel that you are not able to get it right then I am always an email away. Cheers!

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