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9/11/2020 11:33:42 PM
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Sitecore connect for Pardot is a bi-directional connector that syncs prospects activities and data from Pardot to Sitecore & Contact data from Sitecore to Pardot. 

  • Aggregate all customer interactions and activities on Sitecore Xprofile.
  • Create holistic customer profiles across both systems
  • Schedule data sync between the two platforms or trigger the sync instantly
  • Enrich the 'Most Qualified Lead' data to equip your sales team for seamless conversion
  • Unlock ABM & create customized campaigns for each account
  • Personalize experience in Sitecore based on Pardot prospects, segments, activity & interaction      information
  • Bring additional information on prospects, segments, events & form submissions data from          Sitecore to Pardot

Choose this connector if you: 

  • Use Sitecore XP (9.0 & above) and Salesforce Pardot 
  • Want to enhance personalization practises using fields from Pardot
  • Looking to expand beyond the basic functionalities of the two platforms


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  • Documentation > Want to explore the functionalities
    Want to explore the functionalities?

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