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11/7/2016 3:07:31 AM
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Shrink is a Sitecore utility module that gives you insight in the usage of your media library. Pretty much like a disk usage statistics viewer for your hard drives. But next to that, it also shows you which items are actually being used and published, so you can easily find media items that unnecessarily take up space in your database. And last but not least, it offers you multiple ways of cleaning up your media library!


  • Documentation > GitHub repository (Open Source)
    GitHub repository (Open Source)
    Please check out my GitHub Shrink repository for documentation on this module.
Release notes
Sitecore Shrink 1.0 is the Initial Release.

Known issues:
- You cannot click on the left and right center parts of the donut charts when using Chrome, because the div highlighting the most important metric for that chart is blocking the chart element. Firefox and IE are okay.
- The default behavior of the TreeView component which I've extended is to not select items in folded folders. So a checked but folded folder does not mean you have selected anything within that folder. You would actually have to expand it and then it automatically selects everything in it. I want to see if I can either change this behavior, or if I can run a script that folds out everything, but the latter could impose a performance issue as well as a UI challenge.

Important notes:
- Please note that this module is rather new and only tested on a small number of databases and Sitecore instances. Please backup your original database before using this module and preferably test the module for your situation on any other than your production environment, to make sure no data is lost unintentionally upon using it.
- Please DO NOT INSTALL THIS MODULE ON A CONTENT DELIVERY SERVER. It is intended for the Content Management server role only and the different Web API calls to delete items could be potentially harmful on an exposed Content Delivery server
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