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As the module allows your developers to execute arbitrary code we recommend that you do not install it on Content Delivery instances or if possible avoid deploying it on servers facing the Internet altogether. Please consult the Security section of our GitBook for more information on the subject of hardening your instance.

SPE 5.1 - Compatible for Sitecore 8.0-9.2.

SPE 5.0 - Compatible for Sitecore 8.0-9.1.
SPE 4.7+ Compatible for Sitecore 7.0-9.1. 



The module provides a command line (CLI) and scripting environment (ISE) for automating tasks. SPE works with the Sitecore process, capable of making native calls to the Sitecore API. Running commands and writing scripts follow the standard and well-known Windows PowerShell syntax. Windows PowerShell is a common tool used in IT for desktop and server management, so we decided to stick with that as a framework to build upon.

Have you ever found yourself:
  • having to make a mundane change to a large number of pages?
  • in need of getting statistics on item fields or field types usage?
  • being curious of e.g. what’s the oldest page on your site?
  • having to copy or move a large number of files from one folder to another or between databases?
  • renaming or deleting files in your Media Library en-masse? 
If the answer to any of those (and more) is a “yes!”, I believe you might find the module useful.
The idea is to create a scripting environment to work within Sitecore on a granular level that allows you to apply complex modifications and manipulate not just sites, but files and pages on a large scale or perform statistical analysis of your content using a familiar and well-documented query language. 
"There is nothing you can not do with PowerShell Console because you're inside the Sitecore application. You can call the Sitecore API" - Alistair Deneys - Sitecore Symposium 2012
If you have any issues with the PowerShell Extensions module, please report them on our GitHub issue tracker
Read more about the module in our GitBook
Adam Najmanowicz - Architect & Lead Developer
Michael West - Developer & Documentation Lead
We would like to thank Cognifide for their contributions to the module.


  • Documentation > Getting Started with the Sitecore Powershell Console
    Getting Started with the Sitecore Powershell Extensions

    The module allows for hosting PowerShell Console within the Sitecore Desktop environment.

    Once you install the module you will see a couple of additional icons in your Start menu. If you want to run scripts line-by-line like you would in a normal Windows PowerShell console use the item directly in the Sitecore menu:

    Powershell start icon

    However there are more options. If you want to write complete scripts and execute them in whole use the PowerShell ISE located in the "Development Tools" sub-menu. And you can start playing with the console. 

    Powershell application

    By default the ISE console comes with a sample script that you can execute to learn some basic philosophy of PowerShell. Please review it before executing.

    You can find links to some free PowerShell tutorials and books on ​my Tumblr to get you started on PowerShell language in general.

    For information and resources about the Sitecore implementation please refer to my Sitecore PowerShell Console Resources page.

    Just remember - it's a very sharp tool! Don't use this on production unless you really know what you're doing and had your script tested on your development environment!

    I will not be held responsible for any damage.

  • Documentation > Sitecore PowerShell Resources
    Sitecore PowerShell Resources
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