Sitecore Item Audit Tool

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9/15/2019 5:55:43 PM
9/23/2019 4:25:22 PM
Source: GitHub
Provider: Ankit Joshi


This tool will give you an overview of best practices followed for content types like templates/renderings etc and provide list with status Yes and No to validate.

For page template- if presentation has been set or not.
If standard values exists.
If Icon exists.
If specific template is used (Page/data/features)
If insert options has been set
How many items has been created using default "Folder" template.

This package installs the following to your Sitecore instance:-

• \bin\Sitecore.SharedSource.ItemAuditTool.dll

• \sitecore\admin\SitecoreItemAudit.aspx


  • Documentation > How to use
    How to use
    Once package installed- tool can be accessed like- http://yourhostname/sitecore/admin/SitecoreItemAudit.aspx

    For more details please visit-


    Fields description:

    1) Root path/ID(Page Items)- This field is to specify Path or ID under which your page items(which has presentation) exists. For example- If you site structure is sitecore->content->home (under which you have all your page items) then you would have to set the ID of home item or path of home item to this field.

    2) Page template folder path/ID- This field is to specify the folder path or ID under which you have your page templates created, for example- if your template structure is- /sitecore/templates/Project/SiteName/Page Types, then you would have to set this path or ID of this to this field. If you have multiple locations where your page templates are stored, then you can pass multiple IDs or paths to this field. Root path/ID(Page Items) field is required to show the correct report of page templates and once done you will have the following details from each template:
    * ID
    * Name
    * Path
    * Template in use
    * Standard values exists
    * Icon set

    3) Page template folder path/ID to exclude- This field is to specify the folder path or ID which you want to exclude from your Page template report. Note- Only one path/ID is allowed to set here.

    Similarly we have fields to generate report for other content types as well.

Release notes
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